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AED’s policy focus is on urging Congress and the administration to work together in a bipartisan manner to enact pro-growth, job-creating policies to ensure the country’s economic vitality and the long-term viability of the equipment industry. 基础设施投资, 员工发展, 税收和贸易确定性, and pro-growth energy and balanced regulatory policies are at the top of AED’s advocacy agenda.

不管是参加AED华盛顿飞进, 支持AED政治行动委员会, 或者接待国会设施访问, equipment dealers must be involved to help ensure positive policy outcomes.


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不管是好是坏, what happens in our nation’s capital has a significant impact on your company’s bottom line and profitability. AED会让你了解所有你需要知道的事情, 包括影响行业的主要问题, how to effectively advocate for your company and what to say in your meetings with congressional offices.”




The bipartisan infrastructure law is a significant down payment on rebuilding the United States’ crumbling infrastructure. 政府应该迅速向各州提供资金, 地方和其他实体, 实施重要改革, including expediting the federal permitting process according to congressional intent. 而新法律为道路建设提供了历史最高水平的资金, 桥梁, 宽带, 管道, 港口, 铁路, 机场, 以及其他有形的基础设施项目, 一个长期, 健壮的, 而且还需要一个全面的计划. 另外, the Highway Trust Fund still requires a lasting revenue solution to restore the federal highway program’s long-term fiscal stability and increase investment levels. Understanding that rural communities are home to most of America’s manufacturing, 农业和畜牧业, investing in rural infrastructure must be prioritized to ensure the efficient movement of goods to customers and 港口, and maintain the United States’ agriculture sector’s competitiveness.


The greatest challenge facing equipment dealers is the lack of skilled service technicians. Federal laws should be updated to reflect current workforce needs. 国会还必须增加对卡尔·D. Perkins Act and other programs that support providing skilled technical education opportunities while expanding access to loan and grant programs for individuals pursuing career and technical education programs. 另外, lawmakers should create and expand tax benefits to incentivize individuals to pursue technical education and induce employers to reimburse such costs.


美国在全球经济中运作. Equipment dealers and 制造商 rely on free trade agreements and other accords that permit accessible and efficient international trade. The Biden administration should review current tariffs and refrain from implementing new ones. 关税, 特别是对彩神8争霸下载的主要贸易伙伴, 增加进口成本, 招致报复,制造市场不确定性, 从而对设备经销商造成不利影响, 制造商, 承包商, 农民, 和你.S. 消费者. The United States must also pursue greater regulatory harmonization with 加拿大 and improve the movement of goods across the northern border.


The strength in the nation’s pre-pandemic economy was due in large part due to pro-growth tax policies, 激励资本投资和创造就业. 减税条款 & 就业法案》, 其中包括减少创造就业岗位的企业的税金负担, 购买新设备和旧设备的全部费用, 并提高了遗产税的免税水平, 为强健的经济做出了贡献. Congress must work to preserve these temporary capital investment incentives and make them a permanent part of the tax code to provide certainty for equipment dealers, 制造商和他们的客户. 另外, 在脆弱的经济复苏时期, lawmakers should refrain from raising taxes on family-owned businesses and such tax policies should be opposed.


Regulatory relief helped unlock economic growth prior to the pandemic. 政策制定者必须在健康之间取得适当的平衡, 劳动, 安全及环保法规, 以及为所有人建立一个强劲、包容的经济. The negative impact that burdensome mandates and one-size-fits-all policy approaches have on small-medium-sized businesses and their employees must be recognized as an impediment to growth. 为实现这一目标, AED opposes requiring equipment dealers and 制造商 to provide the means to allow customers to modify machinery, including the circumvention of environmental and safety protections.


The United States must continue to develop its natural resources even as the country moves toward renewables and alternative energy sources. 全面发展能源资源, 包括化石燃料开发, 它是实现未来绿色能源目标的桥梁吗. 在过去的十年里, states and communities across the country have been positively transformed due to the economic benefits and lower costs of domestic energy production. 有关能源发展的政策必须包括投资, 冒险和创造就业机会, and recognize that pipelines are the safest and most efficient means to deliver energy to intermediate and end markets.


The United States’ immigration system is broken, which is hindering economic growth and prosperity. Congress and the administration must work in a bipartisan manner to reform the nation’s immigration laws to strengthen national security, 坚持依法治国, address workforce shortages and provide certainty to employers and employees. Strong border security is essential to overhauling the country’s immigration system. 另外, the United States’ immigration laws must be modified to address current employer needs, such as expanding visa categories to fill in-demand jobs like equipment service technicians. 此外, 守法的人应该有获得合法地位的途径, undocumented workers and individuals brought to the United States illegally as children by their parents (“Dreamers”).



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